Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Yes,yes and yes! Jangan betulkan TV anda! Betul it is happening again. Its a bit like watching reruns of old movies and TV series. The celebrated and most well known former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia is back in the headlines of all mahjor news paper, tabloids and internetssssss.
Yet again, SODOMY is the name and calling the bluff is the name of the game. Abundance of questions lingers on the corridoors of informations , inter alia :-
Q.1) Who is the young man allegedly the latest victim of sodomy by Anwar?

Q.2) Was he actually sodomised or was he a consenting partner?

Q.3) Do you think Anwar really did it or has he been framed again by the BN government?

Q.4) Where is the whereabout of the young man currently ?

Q.5) Where is Anwar and why was he not present at HIS own press conference to deny the allegation? (The statement was read out by a party member YB Tn.Sivarasa at the press conference on 28th.June,08)

Q.6) Is Anwar`s life really threatened that he need to seek refuge at the Embassy of Turkey in Kuala Lumpur?

Q.7) Etc.........


A.1) The young man, according to informations from most local the net, is Saiful Bukhari Azlan aged 23, a former student of UNITEN. He was very active when he was a student and invovled in many youth and student activities.

A.2) According to the newspaper report, this yound man has already lodged a police report alleging that Dato` Seri Anwar had sodomised him recently at a luxury apartment in the city.

A.3) Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) issued an offcial statement refuting the allegation as baseless and a conspiracy by the BN government to disparage and defame the reputation of DSAI again-a repeat of 1998.

A.4) It is presently unknown as to the whereabouts of the young man. The last was heard of him when he was sent for medical examination at one of hospitals in Kuala Lumpur and is undergoing treatment.

A.5) The party spokesperson explained that DSAI was too busy answering telephone calls that he was unable to attend his own press conference.

A.6) YB.Dato` Seri Dr.Rais Yatim met the representative of Turkish Embassy in Kuala Lumpur yesterday afternoon on the same issue. He was informed that the Turkish government had never invited DSAI to come to the embassy and that DSAI came of his own accord and claimed that his life was threatened. Today, it was informed DSAI had left the embassy.(Perhaps to another embassy?)

A.7) Also etc..........( Nabil kata: Lu pikir la sendiri !)


Fareenz said...

it is quite a funny story about sodomy and DSAI and the boy.

nothing is wrong about DSAI and his sexual interest accept that he is a former deputy prime minister and he is married.

duhh!lots of gay out there..

sama2 la kite tunggu result die nanti k??haha..