Saturday, July 12, 2008


OUR WAY LAH ! WHEN HE rule this country of ours,god forbid, he can do it HIS own way lah! At the moment let the BN do it their OWN way. This is a democratically elected government through a democratic processvide the 12th General Election of Malaysia on 8th.March,2008.We are puzzled why there are a group of highly specialized people who love take it to the streets shouting, protesting, blaming others, making wild accusations against the present government of the day.Its becoming a weekend activitiy for some quarters to bring along even their young ones,including babies, to participate in such gatherings in the city centre. What they sought to achive by such futile exercise is beneath me, I must say.Prices of food, other merchandise and fuel has gone up is not due to the government`s management of the country. It is global and the entire universe is affected. The YAB Prime Minister, Dato` Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has been managing the country well and please let him steer the good governance of the country so that we may ALL come out of this temporary set back on our feet all square and fair.It is UNFAIR to make demands to the PM to manage the country out of the present inflation whilst at the same time going to the streets making noises and undermining the country`s stability and security. Its a bit like putting a loaded gun at a person`s head and ask him to confess.I have said it many times much earlier. Please do not test the patience of the authorities. The Police has so far been so kind to the people who have been attending and participating in public rallies, gatherings, demonstartions all without proper police permit. The police have not been making arrests which they could easily do if they had been enforcing the law strictly. Just because there have not been any major arrest that does not mean that the public gatherings without proper police permits are legal. They are still considered as illegal assemblies nad anyone participoated or involved may be taking legal action by the Police.Yet again the people can be so nasty and calling names when the police are merely doing their job. The recent investigation by the ACA against Tan Sri Musa Hassan and Tan Sri Ghani Patail on the allegation of corrupt practice by the present advisor of PKR shows that the present government is a transparent adminstration and accountable to the people. However, this does not mean that the government does not have to listen or even dictated by the opposition party.As our YB Menteri Keselamatan Dalam Negeri, Dato` Seri Syed Hamid Albar said: " When Anwar rule the country, he can do it whatever and how he likes. But until then we rule the country OUR way and will not be dictated by the opposition".


Anonymous said...

Salam prof dato halim,

Kalau prof ingat lagi..ikmal here, your student Criminal Law and CPC..senang-senang singgah di blog saya

Selamat berblog!

Fareenz said...

well prof,
some will do whatever he/she can as long as his/her goal achieved.

i like TDM government way much better than recent government.

prof, nak room number and which block.kalau free we all dtg singgah.bole jer kan??